70 Years of Life is So Short

Erwin C
2 min readMar 21, 2023
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

I turn 35 on Wednesday, March 22nd (2023). As I try to reflect back on “lessons” learned for my birthday, I’ve had a lot of trouble thinking of a lesson.

I think the main lesson is that old age seems as far away to me now as young age. If 70 is a hypothetical end of life, then I am halfway there. And if my childhood seems like yesterday, that means old age is already tomorrow.

The beginning feels as close and far away as the end does. There’s no time to spare. I know as many younger people as older people— those in their 20’s vs 50’s. Change happens in decades, and time is skipping years for me now. Covid started 3 years ago already, and I went sober 5 years ago (at age 30). It’s never too late to plant seeds or make changes. A 2 year habit change is nothing in the grand scheme of a 70 year life.

I used to have just one gym membership (YMCA) and almost cancelled due to lack of motivation. I’ve since added a yoga membership and may add another gym membership (in addition, or to replace the YMCA one). It sounds kid of crazy to me, but alternating between the 2 (and possibly 3) places, depending on my location and mood, has helped me attend more often and with more motivation.

I guess always stay curious, and try new things. I feel like I know less now at 35 then I did at 25. I’m definitely less sure of things now, even though I have more experience, but that’s made me more relatable. No one could have predicted the events of the last 8 years (presidency, war, Fed rates, covid, supply chains, Tik Tok, etc.).