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No more regrets, no more woulds, coulds and shoulds, we tell ourselves. Is that possible? Probable? Maybe, for short periods, but the answer isn’t to eliminate and complete our aspirational to-do list, but to accept and come to terms with it never being done. There will always be woulds, coulds and shoulds.

After completing one thing, something else immediately comes up, or we think of some way we could have done the task better. We’re always lacking and always having to fill that void, and then some.

Accept that our desires are infinite and our time is limited. Do your…


1,000 days since my last drink;

My Achievement

This week I achieved 1,000 days without a drop of alcohol! It’s a unique achievement because we’re used to framing sobriety dates (and anniversaries in general), in terms of years. 1,000 days equals 2.74 years or about 33 months.

Tools Used to Help

I used to calculate ‘1,000 days’ added to my sobriety start date. Just after achieving 2 years sober, I started focusing on this May 19th or 1,000 days as my next sobriety benchmark, as it seemed closer and more achievable than the 3-year mark, and also very unique.

Make Your Goals Personal

It’s important to mix up your goals, get creative with how you…

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Fellow community, I’d like a tipping feature to be added to the Medium platform. This way, I could reward my favorite writers on Medium, but without leaving the platform.

The current clap system rewards popular writers, exposure, and breadth, but not depth. If writer payments are coming out of the $5 subscription fee we each pay Medium, we can all agree that the $1–4 distributed monthly amongst our favorite writers is not nearly enough.

If Medium doesn’t implement something like tipping soon, you may see a growing exodus of bigger writers to their own subscription platforms and smaller writers may…

What a great take. To graduate from reading books, to reading people, vibes, energies, emotions, surroundings, and atmospheres. As a profuse reader, I'm surprised there is still so much left to read and learn.

I went through weekly recovery classes for a summer Ken. Let me tell you, the absolute biggest motivating factor for me was seeing how far off my success path I'd fallen. I was a LOSER, felt like it, and could feel it in the room I'd attend class. We were talking through our emotions, but it was raw and dirty. The drunk haze had clouded my ambitions. Success, ambition, connection, and empathy are the key ingredients to pull you through. Great job my man.

I did a summer-long recovery class, similar to AA. While it was very helpful, I felt that AA has not modernized with the times. How many Millenials are actively attending AA for example? AA always felt like an older man's dive bar; dim, musky and full of shame. Why can't we have nice things too, why can't our recovery (or self-improvement) meetings be in gorgeous cafes overlooking the lake?

I always get a little dose of recovery self-help on Medium, where the aesthetics are clean and the writers are brimming with passion.

It's interesting and sad how alcohol subconsciously conditions us to accept less than ideal situations, with only an external solution. Let me explain. While drinking, some of us can endure hot summer patios, stinky and sticky dive bars, non-washed glassware, boring conversations, extremely loud noises, and borderline sexual harassment, just because we're drinking. We're torturing ourselves on the outside and on the inside, and conditioning ourselves that this is normal and fun!

American, Mexican, Latino, Hispanic; I could be called all of those, but it doesn't make much difference. A good nation, like a good job or a good relationship, is comprised best by those that want to be there, want to build it up and succeed, not divide and destroy it. I'm grateful wherever I am and the best form of protest towards a stereotype is to massively succeed. Most racist lowlifes are envious of an immigrant's grateful and exuberant attitude towards a land and community that the racist has taken for granted, disparaged and criticized for so long.

Check it out

You’d be correct in thinking why write? Well, I don’t write for the direct dollars earned here, but for the practice and indirect effects achieved elsewhere. Here are a few incentives to motivate your own writing:


Medium provides a direct source of feedback for your writing. Structuring your message, adding pictures, coming up with titles, and not boring your readers. You get comments, questions, fans, and messages. Journaling on your own does not provide this avenue.

Better Business Emails

My writing and commenting on here has had a direct effect and improvement on all my business emails. I get quicker responses, my emails…

Thanks for linking that research. In addition to addiction, radicalized and conspiracy thinking are also more common among the poor. Any form of escaping their current situation.

Erwin C

Austin, TX. Life and Business. 33

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