Escaping Your Internal Prison

Erwin C
2 min readDec 7, 2021
Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

Prison Bars of the Mind

This prison is in your mind.

The feeling of FOMO that chains you to a hypothetical ideal future situation. The “what if.” FOMO is something you haven’t acquired yet, yet you’re already afraid of losing it.

The roots of tradition and culture equally hold you down like wet mud.

Expectation and ambition are like constantly beeping warning lights, telling you that you haven’t arrived yet.

Reputation is like your perpetual life report card, it’s always grading what’s in the past and you’re just afraid of ruining it or getting it dirty. Legacy is just your future reputation, your future report card. You’re such a ‘goody two shoes,’ afraid of tainting both.

Being Light versus Heavy

  • Is heaviness or lightness better? Or do we fluctuate between the two throughout life?
  • Does the light man: travel light, dress light, and is light-hearted?
  • Is the heavy man, overburdened with responsibility or despair?
  • Can someone be responsible, yet light, letting life and responsibility flow freely through oneself?
  • Is the heavy man saturated in tradition, culture, and comfort?
  • Does the light man have an air of freedom, and is he more easily adaptable to change?
  • Does the light man, let loving words and emotions flow out more freely, instead of carrying them inside like the heavy man?

Change versus Stagnation

The bars and chains of your internal prison are in your mind and in the heaviness of your body. It’s what keeps you up at night and what chains you to your comfortable routine.

Change is made by changing your actions? But if you travel to a land far away, the prison of the mind stays within you, filtering or dimming your view like a pair of shades.

Changing your mindset is not just about adding new things. It’s about changing or removing culture, legacy, FOMO, tradition, biases, beliefs, religions, reputations, expectations, and ambitions.

You don’t have to go anywhere physically to change those things. You can change them right now, where you’re sitting at this moment. Forgive one person for one thing in the past right now and you’ll be a bit lighter. Delete one event from your calendar (or 5) or one contact from your social media and that also helps.

Mental Freedom

When have you caught airs of whiffs of freedom or euphoria? It feels light right, like freedom? Maybe when you’re drunk or high, or in love, or on vacation or in accomplishment.

I think we can perpetuate this feeling throughout our daily lives, instead of only experiencing its peaks in certain moments.